Monday, December 28, 2009

Network Marketing - What Exactly is it?

Many people have heard of network marketing before, sometimes referred to as multilevel marketing, but what many people do not know is what this form of marketing actually is. Because there are a lot of business ventures in this field, it is important to understand what you would be doing before you get yourself involved. There is nothing wrong with getting involved in this type of work, but you will have a better chance at succeeding if you know what this marketing actually is. Very simply, it is a business that has multiple levels of people marketing a product or service.

The important thing to not about network marketing is that it is not a pyramid scheme. These are illegal and, when you know what MLM is, nothing like it. Now that you know that this form of marketing has different levels, you need to know how these levels work. You start with a salesperson who has the job of promoting products or services to the general public. They also have the job of recruiting other individuals to join their team and start the same type of marketing they are doing. Once they recruit someone, it would be the salesperson's job to train the recruit to do the sales as well as the recruiting.

The way that people are successful with network marketing is both with the sales and with the recruits. You have to have success at both to have success overall. The reason you need to be a successful salesperson is because you will receive commission for the sales you make. This amount differs depending on the company and the product you sell. The reason that you need recruits is because you in turn get a portion of their commission from their own sales. Because of this, many people focus on just recruiting, but you need both because otherwise you would not be a good trainer.

Getting involved in network marketing is a great way to make a successful income. Your first step at being successful, though, is actually knowing what your job is. You really will be able to set yourself apart from the others who are just doing it as a hobby.

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