Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to get more Natural followers

There are many ways to get more followers. It is really important to get followers in a natural way; otherwise it brings no value and no meaningful connections to your business! The quality of followers also plays a vital role for any online business, since it is easy to attract spammers or followers that dont bring your business any value. One thing to think about as well, when trying to attract followers, is that it is not good to post business links or negative comments on others walls; the post must be something valuable as well as enjoyable for them. Posting a quality link draws the attention of the audience and helps to get more visitors, and high quality, targeted visitors within a short span of time. For more Free Training visit http://ping.fm/6we3D and http://bizinabox.biz
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Top Tips to Enhance Blog Traffic

The launch of a new blog will be a very special day in your life. For the first few days you may receive few visitors and over a period of time it may diminish. But here are some top tips to drive more visitors to your website over time!

(a)Write a minimum of 5 pillar articles

A pillar article grabs the attention of the audience easily; it should be illustrative in nature with practical tips and advice. The amount of words should be less than 500 and the blog post must be appealing to your audience!

(b)Post at least one blog per day

Post fresh content with current news, it makes the audience come back regularly to view your blog post. Posting fresh content ensures that your visitors will come back often to read your content! It is essential to post fresh quality content so that it attracts regular readers.

(c)Domain name

Domain name also plays an important role in driving new visitors; the domain name should be related to the topic you are going to explain inside the blog. In addition domain name should be easily memorable by the audience. If you are branding yourself, you must use your name in the domain!

(d)Post commenting on other blogs

Commenting on other blogs helps you to drive more new visitors to your blog. It is also essential to leave your link to your blog, so people can visit you as well! Adding a valuable comment to the blog post draws the attention of the readers easily.

(e)Add links of other blog posts inside your blog post

While writing articles it is essential to leave a link or reference that directs to another bloggers post, also trackbacks are as good as posting a comment! It paves the way for other bloggers to come and view what you have written about their blogs. It also helps in driving more traffic and new visitors to your blog or website.

(f)Encourage readers to add comments about your blog

It is vital to motivate readers to post comments on your blog; you can create a way to add more comments by asking a question related to the topic inside your blog which forces the reader to comment on your blog.

(g) Submit blogs to ezinearticles.com and top blog sites

By submitting your blogs to appropriate categories in top blog sites and ezine articles, more traffic can be driven to your blog as well. This also helps to make your blog posts popular within a very short period of time.